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The Floor is Lava in Real

Do you remember this game "The Floor is Lava"?  This game had only one rule and it was pretty simple: DON'T TOUCH THE GROUND! Because's lava my friend. That was it, you just can't put your feet or anything on the ground otherwise you lose. Generally, you...

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Paper Cut Art by Nayan & Vaishali

Do you remember when you were younger and you learned how to create your first flying airplane made out of paper? You were trying to make the best one and were trying new techniques every day. Well, check this out, Nayan & Vaishali are two artists coming from...

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20 Furniture Design that will Blow your Mind

When you're looking for ideas in order to create new stuff, it's important not to limit yourself in any possible way. You should look everywhere. You can be inspired by watching a movie, by the current weather or even by the design of objects. In this case, we're...

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